Micropower Europe is the official distributor of Capstone Turbine Corporation in Spain and Portugal. Capstone is the world leader in the manufacture of gas microturbines for power generation: it has supplied more than 8.000 units worldwide.

Micropower Europe was founded in Barcelona in 2007 as a result of the promotion and dissemination of microturbine technology in Spain by its partners since 2000. All of them have long experience in the cogeneration sector, being pioneers of industrial cogeneration and now also of Micro-Cogeneration or small-scale Cogeneration.

Micropower Europe works backed by authorized distributors and installers throughout the peninsula for power plants with conventional fuels for the service, residential and industrial sector. Biogas applications are carried out directly by Micropower, supplying not only the microturbines but all the necessary equipment for the biogas treatment, guaranteeing the necessary fuel quality.

Thanks to the knowledge acquired by Micropower and its partners in the engineering of cogeneration plants and thermal plants, we not only act as a distributor of equipment, but also provide the accumulated know-how through the provision of engineering services and even turnkey projects.